Kelly Griffin
Kelly Griffin, Founder

Our Reason

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you have felt, "I am here for a reason"? My reason may have been years in the making, but it has brought me to build Grace Homemade. I am Kelly Griffin, the creator of Grace Homemade, and I provide all-natural, preservative-free food, while helping communities, individuals, and our planet. Here in the United States, 40% of what we produce is thrown out and one in seven people go hungry. With a little time and care, this huge problem can be solved.

By following our zero waste/zero hunger policies we can achieve global sustainability. With ground-breaking technologies in packaging and by making use of our day to day waste by composting we keep the smallest eco footprint possible. By donating unsold good through our zero hunger policy, we can help to close the gap in our staggering unnecessary statistics. By providing jobs, we help individuals with their vocational goals and promote economic development throughout communities.


It has been a journey of ups and downs, with many silver linings, that has brought me to Grace Homemade. Originally from Durham, North Carolina, I grew up in a family of six with my mother making simple fresh food in large southern fashion to feed us as we came and went from our busy schedules. Many of her recipes I use today at Grace Homemade.

Sixteen years ago, I moved to Duplin County, North Carolina, and I found myself unemployed and unfulfilled. I decided, “If I can’t find a job, I will make one,” so I created a bakery. I named it The Butter Box. Although I started with pies, cakes, and pastries, people were soon lining up for my homemade chicken salad. I eventually sold the business, but I have always had the desire to do something bigger with my Mother’s recipes. At one point, I met with Lowes Foods, who was interested in my chicken salad, but I just wasn’t ready. The timing didn’t feel right, and I took a job with a cabinet company, designing kitchens and bathrooms.

Fast forward five years and I found myself without the need to work. I traveled about the country, to the Caribbean, and attended fancy parties. It was the life many women would dream of, but even when I was happy, I didn’t feel like I was in the right place. I didn’t know this place I was searching for, but traveling, partying, and not giving back, was not it. I constantly asked for my path to be shown to me.

After losing a beloved Mother-in-law to cancer, my father to dementia, the support of my older siblings, the support of most of my friends due to a divorce, my home and my financial future, I hit rock bottom. I was suffering from anxiety and depression that I had been numbing with pills and alcohol. When I finally had a clear mind, I knew the beginning of my new path was starting to form. I needed to move forward, and I had to find a purpose with my life. I felt that living without purpose wasn’t living. I had no education beyond high school but my success with The Butter Box Bakery and Market years ago would fuel my brainstorming of what I needed to do next.

It was then that I realized, after all that had happened to me, I am here for a reason. I asked myself, what could I do that would make the biggest positive impact on the world? I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and went back to my roots with my mother’s fresh family-style recipes that I knew so well. I decided my Chicken Salad was the catalyst that will create a purpose and legacy for me and others around me.

Although I had many misfortunes in my journey, they turned out to be gifts and eventually, they led me to create Grace Homemade. Grace was bestowed upon me at my lowest point, and it is with gratitude that I am finally able to see that I have gifts of Grace to give back.

this is my story and
grace homemade is my plan.

Grace Homemade fully believes in creating positive growth in everything we do. From our internal values for our employees to our external commitments to our community, Grace Homemade looks to create positive energy in everything around us. We are an employee-focused organization that employs those who are in need of a second chance and those who may just be starting out on their career path. We value and invest in each team member’s learning and career growth, opting to promote from within before pursuing outside talent. In addition to working with our employees on their career paths, Grace Homemade understands that the personal health of our employees is equally as important. We provide wellness options for full-time employees to create a happy, healthy, and motivated staff who will pave the way for Grace Homemade to meet our goals.



the difference

Grace Homemade goes beyond chicken salad. Grace Homemade is making a difference in the way we look at the food industry. From the ingredients we use to how we prepare our food.

Grace Homemade aims to bring value to communities in America starting with Smithfield, North Carolina, Grace Homemade is positioned to continually bring jobs to rural communities and increase the presence of healthy food in grocery stores and to organizations that provide food to those in need on a daily basis.

grace homemade is here for a reason.
simple food for social change.

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